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Welcome to Writing a Book Café! My name is Jonathan Holowka and created this website as a book writing resource. It’s designed to help aspiring authors learn everything they need to know to plan, write, edit, publish and market their own book. Why build a website like this in the first place?
As an aspiring author, it’s so easy for you to become overwhelmed with both questions and information about the book writing process. I should know – I’ve gone through it. This website is meant to provide all the answers in an easy-to-understand sort of way.
Who is Jonathan Holowka?

And Why Should I Take His Advice Anyway?

I’m a writer and aspiring author myself, in my late twenties. I’ve gone through the entire process of writing a book, learning everything I needed to know along the way.
I graduated from Ryerson University in 2010 with a business degree, majoring in human resources. Like many millennials, I was unable to get a job in my field. Finally, it was thanks to a blog I started that actually landed me my first job in marketing. It was fun and interesting for a while, but I eventually moved on to explore what else was out there. I even launched my own video marketing business for a little while.
No matter what job I’ve worked or what I’ve done, writing has always played a huge role in my life. Whether it’s storytelling, speech crafting or blogging, I’m always writing something.

I’ve Never Stopped Learning or Writing

I took extra marketing classes through a company called Training Business Pros and was certified as a digital marketer. I’ve spent 6+ years at Toastmasters, working on public speaking and speech crafting. I took matters into my own hands and write my first full-length novel, Elementalists: The Fires of Canicus.
I even study Spanish and take salsa dancing lessons on the side. You can never learn too many different things.
Elementalists - The Fires of Canicus Cover
How Writing a Book Café Began

Crazy Ideas Have Simple Origins

There’s no doubt – plenty of information is available from many talented writers, editors, agents and publishers about the book writing process. In fact, when I first began, I was overwhelmed because I didn’t know where to start or who to trust.
Ultimately, I took a little bit of advice from one source, some from the next, and more from the next. I tested, fine-tuned and figured out what worked for me and what didn’t. I learned a lot about how to plan, write, edit, publish and market books along the way, but it took a lot of effort to reach a point where I felt comfortable to get mine done. It took even longer before I felt comfortable sharing what I had learned. I started Writing a Book Café to compile all my knowledge in one place, in an easy-to-navigate and read format.
Sharing what I know comes naturally to me. In fact, my Myers-Briggs score is ‘ENFP’ and I’m a Type 2 Enneagram (‘The Helper’). In plain English, this means I having an inherent desire to help others. Having this website not only helps me brand myself but it allows me to do so by helping other writers get the knowledge they need, along the way.
Jonathan Holowka

This is where Writing a Book Café comes in

Everything I talk about here comes from my own personal experience; a combination of writing & marketing. I’m teaching everything I know and I’m good at, in a format that’s easy to follow and understand.
My other long term goal for this website is to use it to help other debut authors kick-start their writing careers, regardless of whether they’re traditionally or self-publishing. In the beginning stages, this comes in the form of sharing my marketing wisdom. As the site grows, I hope and plan to be able to offer more practical and immediate marketing results.

Things I Love:

1. Dogs
2. Travelling
3. Video-Games
4. Salsa Dancing
5. Public Speaking

My Favourite’s

Movie = The Matrix
Music = Lindsey Stirling
Book = Harry Potter (any)
Game = Overwatch

For Hire!

Because… Hey – I Need to Eat, Too

While this website serves its main function as a resource for aspiring authors to obtain practical advice about planning, editing, writing, publishing and marketing a book, it’s also my personal portfolio.
Are you looking for someone to help you with your web design? Do you need a freelance writer? Email me with some information about what you’re looking for and we can discuss your project’s requirements, as well as rates.