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Author of ELEMENTALISTS: THE FIRES OF CANICUS. Owner of WritingABookCafe.com. Helping writers succeed from planning, to publishing and beyond.

Welcome to Writing a Book Café! Here’s What You Can Do

Welcome to Writing a Book Café! It was July 5, 2016, just a little over two months ago when I registered writingabookcafe.com through Bluehost. I had known for a long time that I wanted to build a website designed to help aspiring and debut authors navigate through the treacherous waters of planning, writing, editing, [...]

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5 Simple Steps for Writing a Nonfiction Book that Works

If you've been thinking about writing a nonfiction book this article will guide you through a simple 5 step process for planning your book before you start writing. Feel free to use it, modify it yourself, or disregard it completely. What I can say though is that writing a nonfiction with a plan is probably [...]

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The Complete Guide on How to Write and Publish a Book

You've come here because you're wondering (or are at least curious) about how to write and publish a book. It's a truly exciting endeavour. When I first started on this path in 2012 I was overwhelmed with questions about the entire process. Actually, I had started mapping my book years before that. It was only [...]

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10 Tips for Marketing Your Book and Making Money

Marketing your book is not necessarily something that comes easy to all authors. Unfortunately, gone are the days when you could exclusively rely on your agent, publisher and publicist to handle marketing your book. It's not that agents and publishers have become lazier, it's that the way marketing is done en masse has changed. I [...]

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Should You Be Getting a Book Published Traditionally or by Yourself?

No matter if you're a brand new writer or have a bit of experience under your belt, all of us eventually need to figure out what's involved with getting a book published. Not only that but today we have the option of self-publishing, in addition to publishing traditionally. It wasn't all that long ago when getting [...]

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Building an Audience Before You Have a Book

When is the best time to start building an audience for your book? Before or after you've finished writing? The correct answer is before. But not to worry, if you're already finished it's never too late to start building an audience either. Too many authors like to play the publishing lottery. In other words, they [...]

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How to Find Beta Readers and What to Ask Them

You've written your book and now you want to know how to find beta readers and what to ask them once you've found them. First of all, congratulations on getting this far! It's one thing to have written a book, it's another altogether to feel comfortable enough going to other people and saying, "Hey, can [...]

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The Most Essential Rules of Grammar to Know for Editing

Grammar can be a sticky subject, especially with English. Our language has so many intricacies that getting a hold on the rules of grammar can be extraordinarily tricky. Fortunately, we have plenty of useful resources to help us such as Grammarly (which you should totally get the Chrome or Firefox extension for if you haven't already.) [...]

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A Painless Guide to Professional Author Website Design

How do you market yourself as an author? Before you start worrying about building a readership or designing a killer book cover, there's one thing that will make a HUGE impact on everything else you do, subsequently. Of course, I'm talking about building your own professional author website design. While it's great to have a [...]

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The Best Book Editing Software to Improve Your Writing

A long time ago when monks transcribed books by hand, editing must have been a tiring and tedious process. It must have - right? They didn't have computers and they certainly didn't have typewriters. Thankfully in this day and age, we have both of those things, plus a lot more. We have book editing software [...]

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