10 Tips for Marketing Your Book and Making Money

Marketing your book is not necessarily something that comes easy to all authors. Unfortunately, gone are the days when you could exclusively rely on your agent, publisher and publicist to handle marketing your book. It's not that agents and publishers have become lazier, it's that the way marketing is done en masse has changed. I [...]

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Building an Audience Before You Have a Book

When is the best time to start building an audience for your book? Before or after you've finished writing? The correct answer is before. But not to worry, if you're already finished it's never too late to start building an audience either. Too many authors like to play the publishing lottery. In other words, they [...]

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A Painless Guide to Professional Author Website Design

How do you market yourself as an author? Before you start worrying about building a readership or designing a killer book cover, there's one thing that will make a HUGE impact on everything else you do, subsequently. Of course, I'm talking about building your own professional author website design. While it's great to have a [...]

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