5 Simple Steps for Writing a Nonfiction Book that Works

If you've been thinking about writing a nonfiction book this article will guide you through a simple 5 step process for planning your book before you start writing. Feel free to use it, modify it yourself, or disregard it completely. What I can say though is that writing a nonfiction with a plan is probably [...]

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How to Plan a Novel or a Nonfiction Book

So you're wondering how to plan a novel or a nonfiction book? Before you go any further, you may wish to read this article on how to start writing a book with or without a plan and find out if planning a novel is right for you. It's important to remember that the best way to [...]

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How to Start Writing a Book With or Without a Plan

You've had an idea in your head gnawing at you like an itch underneath your skin. You want to scratch it but there are so many mental blocks getting in your way. Congratulations! You, like so many others before you, have been bitten by the writing bug. The only way to make this particular itch go [...]

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