The Complete Guide on How to Write and Publish a Book

You've come here because you're wondering (or are at least curious) about how to write and publish a book. It's a truly exciting endeavour. When I first started on this path in 2012 I was overwhelmed with questions about the entire process. Actually, I had started mapping my book years before that. It was only [...]

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Should You Be Getting a Book Published Traditionally or by Yourself?

No matter if you're a brand new writer or have a bit of experience under your belt, all of us eventually need to figure out what's involved with getting a book published. Not only that but today we have the option of self-publishing, in addition to publishing traditionally. It wasn't all that long ago when getting [...]

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How to Write a Query Letter That Will Get You an Agent

You've written and edited your novel at this point and want to know how to write a query letter that will get you a literary agent. It's not an easy thing to do. Ask anyone who's written a query letter and they'll tell you as much. I certainly will. Writing a good query letter means [...]

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