The Top 10 Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you're just starting your book or are some ways into it already, you undoubtedly want to make sure that you're free of as many writing mistakes as possible. I'm not talking specifically about grammar errors here, but the bigger issues - the things that can make a literary agent stop reading a manuscript and [...]

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The Ultimate Guide for Writing Dialogue in Your Novel

Writing dialogue is easy, writing good dialogue is a lot harder. There a major difference between characters in books, on TV shows and in movies who speak in a way that the viewer can believe, versus those who don't. In fact, good dialogue transcends beyond the mere words a character speaks, it helps define the traits and [...]

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10 Unusual Writing Tips to Make You More Productive

No matter whether you’re a first time writer or an experienced one, it goes without saying that we all have our on-days and our off-days. Sometimes we can sit down in front of our computers and pump out a 2,000 word blog post in a couple of hours. Other days, five espressos in a row [...]

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