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You’ve written the first draft of your manuscript from start to finish – yay!

You’re thinking, “what’s involved in editing a book?”

How much time do you need to spend editing a book?

I’ve always said that writing and editing a book is a lot like building a house. The first draft of your book is similar to building the frame, but you wouldn’t purchase only the frame of a house and treat it as a complete place to live. What a rip off! Editing a book is the equivalent to adding all of the walls, ceilings, floor tiles and so forth.

Editing a book is not glamorous, but it is undoubtedly more important than both the planning and writing phases – at least if you want literary agents and readers to take you seriously in the next section! An edited book is your portfolio, your showcase, your quality assurance, that you as a writer are able to examine your work with a fine eye…

And tear it all to pieces.

Editing a Book

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