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You’re a self-published author and you want people to buy and read your book.

You’re a traditionally published author and you want people to buy and read your book.

You haven’t finished writing your book and you’re already thinking how to go about marketing a book.

The Amazon marketplace is completely saturated with books from self-published authors. Some of them are fantastic, others – not so much. What do all of these books that don’t sell have in common, regardless of their quality? Simple – they are lacking sufficient marketing.

Even as a traditionally published author, unless you are super famous and successful, a publishing company will only do so much to help you. In fact, if your books aren’t selling, they’ll eventually be taken off book store’s shelves to make room for newer materials.

Marketing a book is essential for your long-term success. Unfortunately, it’s also often the most undervalued and ignored part of the entire writing process. To be a successful author, you need to put a lot of time and effort into marketing a book.

No matter what phase you’re in, whether it’s planning, writing, editing or publishing – you are always in marketing.

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