Welcome to Writing a Book Café! Here’s What You Can Do

Welcome to Writing a Book Café!

It was July 5, 2016, just a little over two months ago when I registered writingabookcafe.com through Bluehost. I had known for a long time that I wanted to build a website designed to help aspiring and debut authors navigate through the treacherous waters of planning, writing, editing, publishing and marketing their books.

This is something I wanted to create because writing and publishing a book has been an ongoing process for me too. I know from personal experience just how confusing this entire undertaking is, especially for someone starting out.

It was in 2012 when I first started writing my YA fantasy novel, Elementalists: The Fires of Canicus. There was a lot of information I had to learn along the way and from a plethora of different sources. I want to simplify and condense all of the information new authors need to learn. In other words; make it easier to figure out how to get a book published, without having to visit 100 different websites for all the bits and pieces.

My goal was to launch Writing a Book Café with 15 thoroughly researched articles in place, covering the topics planning, writing, editing, publishing, and marketing a book. It took over two months to write all 15, as well as to design the website from scratch, and make all of the images and videos.

Here’s what I have for you today, at launch:

writing a book cafe

Planning a Book:

Writing a Book:

Editing a Book:

Publishing a Book:

Marketing a Book:

I also have a page on book writing resources, where you can get recommendations on books, products, and courses to help you as a writer.

Given that the majority of these articles are thoroughly researched and over 2,000 words in length, I feel confident in saying that I’m presenting something of substantial quality for my readers.

I’ve spent years going through the process of planning, writing, editing and seeking publication. I’ve also spent years learning about and working as an internet marketer. The vast majority of the information in my articles comes from personal experience. Where I fall short, I’ve thoroughly researched the topics and interviewed experts.

The other big gift I have for you at launch is access to my writer’s toolbox. These are free materials you can use to your advantage.


Join the Writing a Book Café community for free and immediately receive:

  • 37 pages of notes from Query Shark notes to help you with writing your query letter.
  • 24 questions to ask  your beta readers, organized as a template for you to easily record their answers.
  • 10 amazing websites to download high-quality FREE images for your blog posts.
  • An instructional video on how to pick out blog post titles that will dramatically increase your chances of going viral.
  • Regular updates on new blog posts, articles and interviews as they come out.
  • Access to future exclusive webinars and events to help you get published and market your book.
Sounds Good… Sign Me Up!

I really hope anyone who visits this site will benefit from the free information I’m providing here. This site has no advertisements and I’d like to keep it that way. The links on my book writing resources page are affiliate links for products I personally use and highly recommend. This means if you purchase one of them through my referral link, I make a small commission at no additional cost to yourself.

As for the future?

This is the starting point for Writing a Book Café but by no means where I intend to leave it. I’m starting small, but hope and plan to do bigger and better things to help writers with writing, publishing and marketing their books. I want to put on events such as webinars and would love to eventually host in-person writing workshops, including sessions with literary agents, giving more aspiring authors a chance to meet with people in the industry.

In the shorter term, I’d like to provide more on-site marketing opportunities for all debut authors, such as book reviews and promotional opportunities.

This won’t happen overnight, but if you stick around, subscribe, and share some of my articles, we can all arrive there faster.

Wishing you the best in your writing endeavors,


Jonathan Holowka
Founder of Writing a Book Café

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